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Renowned for creating sculptural pieces, David Yurman specializes in art-inspired jewelry. At the age of 15, David Yurman met a Cuban welder and sculptor whose techniques are still used by the Yurman brand today. With a background in modernist sculpting, Yurman’s aesthetic is heavily linked to the craft that began his career decades ago. Yurman also found himself travelling extensively during his youth, which in turn played a tremendous part in cultivating inspiration for his now extensive line of collections.

In 1980, David Yurman founded his jewelry company with his wife Sybil. It was only three years later that Yurman created what is known to be his signature piece – the cable bracelet, which in turn has expanded into an entire collection of designs as well as inspired a majority of his and his wife’s work.

With a wide range of collections, David Yurman has maintained an aesthetic throughout his designing years that resonates in every collection. Some of the brand’s most well-known and loved designs and collections are:

  • The Cable bracelets
  • The Renaissance bracelets
  • The Crossover collection
  • The Starburst collection
  • The Albion collection
  • The Chatelaine ring

Most famous David Yurman designs

Cable bracelets – A design so iconic that it has an entire book dedicated to exploring its history and endless appeal, it is no wonder that the cable bracelet (the design that begun the range) features as one of David Yurman’s most famous designs. The original cable bracelet is recognized by a twisted helix, embellished with gemstones on either end – however the style has continued to evolve over the years, including other designs. The designer has claimed that ‘Cable is the river that runs through everything I do.’ 

Renaissance bracelets – Often thought of as a sister design to the cable bracelet, the Renaissance style emulates the twisted helix silhouette. However, it has an edgier presence with heavier embellishments, inspired by its namesake – the Renaissance period. One of the prime differences between to the two collections is that the Renaissance designs incorporate more antique elements.

Crossover collection – Featuring the twisted qualities of the Cable and Renaissance ranges, the Crossover range gives a sense of dynamism with contrasting textures. Representing unity and collaboration, the collection is symbolic of his romantic and working relationship with his wife Sybil. The collection is complete with pendants, bracelets, earrings, as well as rings.

Starburst collection – Designed specifically for his wife and business partner, the Starburst collection has a particularly sentimental feel to it. The designs have a unique and refined quality, entirely different to the rest of the collections - elegant and explosive at the same time.

  • Starburst collection price range: $295 - $10,800

Albion collection – Albion was a name that was associated with Great Britain centuries ago. The name referred to the country as being a starting and ending point for long sea journeys. Introduced in 1994, Yurman sought to create a ring with a bold center stone yet a low profile, so that it could be worn comfortably and be styled in a versatile array of fashions. The Albion collection is characterized by bold jewels and delicate diamond detailing and the range comprises a wide selection of designs.

 The Chatelaine ring – Combining David Yurman’s knowledge of sculpture and his wife’s eye for color, the Chatelaine collection melds these obsessions together to create unique designs. With a faceted cushion cut diamond to the rings, they are surrounded with pavé diamonds for a dimensional and brilliant appearance.

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