How to Measure Ring Size

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Whether you want to make sure that your next ring fits perfectly or are ready to pop the question to your special someone, learning how to measure ring size will save you plenty of stress. To help you find your ring size or discreetly find your partner’s ring size before proposing, we have gathered the best ring measurement techniques and tips so you can confidently shop for the perfect sized ring.

Ring measurement techniques:

Check out these simple ring measurement techniques:

1. Measure ring size with a string

2. Measure ring size with another ring

3. Borrow another ring

4. Buy a ring sizer

1. Measure ring size with a string:

    Tools: String, ruler, marker

    Steps to follow:

    1. Cut a string about 6 inches long

    2. Wrap the string above the base of the finger it will be worn on

    3. Mark where the string overlaps with the marker

    4. Place the string on a ruler

    5. The mm number closest to the mark on the string is the circumference of the ring size in millimeters

    6. Reference the conversion chart with your measurement to get the ring size. Download the conversion chart here to print. 

    2. Measure ring size with another ring:

      If your partner has their ring off for a few moments a day, you can use this quick measurement technique.

      Tools: A well-fitting ring, ruler, paper, pen

      Steps to follow:

      1. Place the ring onto a piece of paper and trace its interior with a pen

      2. Measure the diameter of the ring in mm with a ruler

      3. Reference the conversion chart with your measurement to get the ring size. Download the conversion chart here to print. 

      3. Borrow another ring:

      This technique is best if your partner won’t notice that their ring is missing for a day.

      Tools: A well-fitting ring, a jeweler’s ring mandrel

      Steps to follow:

      1. Take a ring that fits your partner well to a local jeweler with a mandrel (a ring sizing stick)

      2. Have the jeweler slip the ring on the mandrel and the number the ring settles on is its size

      4. Buy a ring sizer:

      If you don’t mind spending a few dollars you can try out this measurement technique.

      Steps to follow:

      1. Buy a plastic ring sizer for just a few dollars

      2. Slip the sizer onto the base of the ring finger and gently tighten it so it feels sung

      3. The number the sizer points to is the ring size

      Ring sizing tips:

      • Finger sizes change depending on the time of day and the weather. Fingers are smaller in the early morning and winter, so it is best to measure mid to late day in a warm setting. It doesn’t hurt to check the size in a few different settings!
      • The fingers of the wearer’s dominant hand are usually larger than their non-dominant hand. Be sure to measure the hand that the ring will be worn on. 
      • If the wearer’s knuckle is wider than the base of their finger, measure their knuckle as well as the base of their finger and pick a size in between those measurements.
      • The ring should feel snug enough that it will not fall off the finger and loose enough that it can still side over the knuckle with a bit of resistance.

      How to resize a ring

      Even with careful measurements it is still possible that the ring you buy is not the perfect size. The good news is that many rings can be resized. Simply take the ring to your local jeweler to have the size adjusted.

      However, certain metals and ring styles cannot be resized:

      • Metals: Titanium and tungsten
      • Styles: Any ring with a design that goes fully around the band such as full pave, channel setting or milgrain

      If your ring is too large and made with a metal or style that cannot be sized down, you can have metal sizing beads welded onto the ring. With these beads larger rings will better fit smaller fingers without visibly changing the ring’s style. Sizing beads typically cost $50 when done with a local jeweler and take a few days to a week to complete.

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