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This iconic brand was founded by 24 year-old German Hans Wilsdorf, in London, in 1905. The name was created with global success in mind, and backed by a visionary’s spirit, as Wilsdorf designed a word easily pronounced in any language as he strived for a place amongst the best. Interestingly, the most successful and pervasive of watch companies was neither founded in Switzerland, nor created by a watchmaker. Hans was an importer of watch movements but soon moved to Geneva in 1919, where Rolex established itself as an innovator and pioneer. In 1926, Rolex developed the very first waterproof watch and the first watch to show two time zones. But, they didn’t stop there. Rolex made sure that everyone not only knew, but saw, what they had achieved, as their waterproof timepiece crossed the English Channel on the wrist of swimmer Mercedes Gleitze, making the entire watch world take notice. Today, Rolex is the official time-keeper at Wimbledon, the US Open, FIA Formula 1 championship, and a leader of the industry.


Primarily associated with celebrities and political leaders, a Rolex is a universal sign of success and wealth. Its span alone across generations, industries, and nations is impressive, and highlights an elite group of individuals who strive for the best and expect perfection. Famous wearers range from adventurers such as Edmund Hilary to athletes such as Roger Federer and more. Needless to say, Rolex watches have cemented their place for its universal style, and will remain a timeless piece for generations to come, and leaders of the future. The name itself carries weight in the luxury watch world, and owning your own Rolex is a marker of achievement, and something to be celebrated. Available in a wide range of styles, from basic stainless steel to ornate diamond bezels, Rolex has something to cater to every need.

How to Buy a Rolex

Buying a Rolex is an exciting step. You will first want to do your research on the various collections and models available. Establish a price point that you are comfortable with and work with a reputable seller. At Bright Society, our watch experts are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about the condition or characteristics of the piece. All of our watches are either new or second hand, but refurbished to excellent condition, and authenticated by experts with the necessary knowledge and expertise. Recently serviced and sold with a one year warrantee, your Rolex is guaranteed to please.

World Renowned Rolex Collections:

  • Oyster Perpetual
  • Datejust
  • Day-Date
  • Pearlmaster
  • Sky-Dweller
  • Explorer
  • Explorer II
  • GMT-Master II
  • Air-King
  • Milgauss
  • Submariner
  • Sea-Dweller
  • Yacht-Master
  • Yacht-Master II
  • Cosmograph Daytona
  • Our Favorite Rolex Watches

    Check out some of our favorite Rolex watches.

    Rolex Datejust 16200 Men's Watch in Stainless Steel

    Rolex Datejust 16200 Men's Watch in Stainless Steel

    OUR PRICE: $4,400

    20% OFF

    Estimated Retail Price: $5,500

    Starting at $387/month with Affirm.  Prequalify now

    Rolex Submariner 16610 Men's Watch in Stainless Steel

    Rolex Submariner 16610 Men's Watch in Stainless Steel

    OUR PRICE: $7,700

    10% OFF

    Estimated Retail Price: $8,550

    Starting at $678/month with Affirm.   Prequalify now

    Rolex Datejust 179178 Women's Watch in 18kt Yellow Gold

    Rolex Datejust 179178 Women's Watch in 18kt Yellow Gold

    OUR PRICE: $15,500

    40% OFF

    Estimated Retail Price: $25,8000

    Starting at $1,364/month with Affirm.  Prequalify now

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    Shop Rolex

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