Valentine's Day Luxury Gift Guide 2020

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Ah, Valentine’s Day! Just when winter is at its most bleak, just when spring seems so very far away, comes the perfect excuse for giving and getting romantic jewelry. (At least that’s the way we look at it.) Here, our Valentine’s Day Luxury Gift Guide for 2020, with goodies for everyone from your longtime partner to your disappointed-in-love best friend. 

Best gift for fashion lovers, male or female: Cartier Love Bracelet  The bracelet with an unbeatable backstory: When Cartier launched Love Bracelets in 1969, it sent them to 25 legendary couples including Steve McQueen and Ali McGraw, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. They’ve been in fashion ever since. Today, though, the craze ordains wearing multiple versions on each arm, so you can’t go wrong—even if your beloved already owns a few. (Just ask Dakota Fanning, Naomi Watts, Scarlett Johansson, Justin Bieber, or any of the extended Kardashian clan.) 

Best gift for a girlfriend: Tiffany & Co. Ruby Ring by Elsa Peretti  It’s tricky to find a Valentine’s gift that says you care but you don’t want to seem too serious. (Not yet, anyway.) This silver ring from Tiffany & Co. fits the bill nicely. Designed by Elsa Peretti, it’s sleek and simple enough to mix with all kinds of other jewelry without seeming too fancy. And it’s got that sweet little ruby for the perfect Valentine’s touch. 

Best way to say ‘Be Mine Valentine’: Harry Winston Engagement Ring  Who could no to Harry Winston? Nobody we’ve met. Beautifully big and suitably sparkly—in a tasteful way of course—this is the kind of ring that inspired Marilyn Monroe to sing the praises of Harry Winston in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Best gift for a wife: Chopard Happy Hearts Ring  Yes, she’s already got a great engagement ring and wedding band—but that means nine other fingers with nothing to wear. Solve the problem with Chopard, the Swiss jeweler and watchmaker who offers an entire line of heart-motif jewelry decorated with movable “dancing diamonds.” Which means her Happy Hearts Ring will look great whether she wears it solo or on the same hand as her wedding jewelry.

Best gift for a husband: Patek Philippe Nautilus Watch  Stop the search. He’ll be overjoyed to open this box. (And the more he knows about watches, the more overjoyed he’ll be.) Best of all: This watch comes with bragging rights that he’s married to someone who’s not only savvy enough to score a Patek Philippe but also smart enough to pay much, much less than regular retail.  

Best gift for a BFF: Tiffany & Co. Puffy Heart Pendant  Highly recommended if you have a friend who’s getting over a breakup, this silver heart is sweet, simple, and—OK, we admit it—a little sentimental. You want to cheer her up and make her remember that she’s got someone on her side: this will do the trick—especially if she wasn’t expecting something to show off after Valentine’s Day.

our favorite pieces

Cartier Love Diamond Bracelet in 18K White Gold (Size 17)

OUR PRICE $8,750


Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti stackable Ruby Band in Sterling Silver



Harry Winston Diamond Ring in Platinum (2.66-ct D/VVS2)

OUR PRICE $60,000


Chopard Happy Icons Heart Diamond Ring in 18KT Yellow Gold 0.24 CTW

OUR PRICE $1,800


Patek Philippe Nautilus Annual Calendar 5726A-001 Men's Watch in Stainless Steel

OUR PRICE $59,500


Tiffany & Co. Puffy Heart Pendant in Sterling Silver on 16-inch Sterling Silver chain



Tiffany & Co.Heart-Shaped Jewelry 

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